Take care of your
body, mind, and spirit

Take a deep breath…relax your shoulders…soften your tongue, jaw & lips…..take another slow, easy, breath…notice how much more at ease you are feeling in this moment…this is the purpose of yoga…. taking the time to be in the moment…to appreciate the divine nature of your Being, who you truly are. 

And then, allowing this experience to heal you, body, mind & spirit!

It has been said that the purpose of Life is discovering your gift and the meaning of Life is giving it away. I hope to be instrumental in supporting your quest to know yourself as you truly are.


Promotes health, happiness and well-being through focused movement of body and breath. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class will support you in calming the mind, healing the body and energizing the spirit! Unique yoga classes based on solar and lunar transits and their polarities. Classes include modifications, affirmations, breath work and guided meditation

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Yoga Therapy/Thai Massage

Sessions designed specifically for you. Session includes Therapeutic Touch to access and cleanse blockages promoting healing. 

Soul Collage

In a SoulCollage session we cut and paste images and symbols that express aspects of ourselves and this mystery called life. Images are then arranged until it feels “right” then glued onto an 8”x5” card. When complete, cards are used intuitively to answer life’s questions and challenges and to enrich your own life. SoulCollage is a Fun, engaging, deep, and illuminating process that is all at once a form of creative Play, Self-Care and personal reflection! Absolutely No art experience is necessary. ” Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and nudging our deep soul wisdom where intuitive answers can be found and spoken” Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage



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Dream Group

Life is but a dream group; calling dreamers one and all! We will share our dreams and insights-no interpreting! The Talmud says an unexamined dream is akin to an unopened letter. Lets read and share these wonderful letters!

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Sacred Sister Circle

 An Invitation to Rise, a call to the Light!

Our world is changing and moving fast and we are struggling to stay connected with ourselves and one another.

Lets come together and experience the magic that happens when womyn gather. Open our hearts, uncover our essence and get in touch with our greatness!

If you are yearning connection, if you know that there is more of you that you would like to uncover then this gathering is for you!

*Meet once a month for a unique experience of activities designed to free your spirit.  

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What are you interested in? A chart reading? An astrology 101 class? I began the study of astrology at the tender age of 12. I have enjoyed this study my entire life and would love to share what I know with you! A chart reading will give you a map of the heavens at the precise moment you were born. Your chart reading will allow you to fall in love with yourself! Your magnificent and brilliant self! 

Want to learn how to read charts? Then Astrology 101 will give you the basic tools you need to do so.

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